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Ford / New Holland Tractors History

Ford / New Holland Tractors History

Posted by Broken Tractor on Dec 29th 2021

Your classic Ford tractor has seen you through years of hard work, and you’ve come to depend on its ability and reliability. However, Ford’s been out of the tractor game now for nearly 30 years, and it’s likely that your Ford has been showing its age. With all the available parts for your tractor aging as well, you need a parts dealer that knows how to find and restore Ford tractor parts to keep your tractor going as long as possible.

Ford New Holland Tractor History

Ford Motor Company is famous for its cars, from the Model T to the F-150. But variously from 1907 to 1993, Ford also produced tractors:

  • The original Ford tractor, called Fordson, was produced from 1907–1928 in Springwells, Michigan; from 1919–1932 in Cork, Ireland; and from 1933–1964 in Dagenham, England.
  • The Ford N-series of tractors, including the Ford N8, the most popular North American tractor of all time, was produced from 1939–1952.
  • In 1953, Ford introduced the Ford NAA tractor, replacing the N-Series with a four-cylinder engine and new styling.
  • Ford expanded its tractor business in 1986 with the purchase of the Sperry-New Holland company, forming Ford-New Holland. You can read more of the history behind Ford and New Holland in an earlier blog post.
  • Finally, Ford-New Holland was bought by Fiat in 1993.

Find Your Ford Tractor Part with Broken Tractor’s Help

Broken Tractor has been sourcing, salvaging, rebuilding, and refurbishing non-OEM tractor parts for Ford tractors, New Holland backhoes, Ford compact tractors, and more, for years. We have a nationwide salvage yard network to find old Ford tractors to break down and rebuild, good as new. If you’re looking for a part for your 8N Ford tractor, 9N Ford tractor, Ford 3000, or another Ford machine, you can find it at Broken Tractor!

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