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Case Skid Steer Loader Parts

Case Skid Steer Loader Parts

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Broken Tractor carries a large and extensive selection of new, rebuilt, and used Case Parts, Case Backhoe Parts, Case Loader Parts, and Case Dozer Parts. All of our Case Industrial parts are new non-oem unless we specify otherwise. Our top categories are Case Loader Backhoe Parts, Case Dozer Parts, Case Wheel Loader Parts, Case Skid Loader Parts, and Case Excavator Parts.

Our experienced staff is ready to take your order and help you with any and all of your Case Industrial Parts needs. If you have any questions about these new, rebuilt, and used Case parts, call our customer support line today. 1-800-909-7060, available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (Central Standard Time).

Also, don't forget! If you can't find Case Loader Parts, Backhoe Parts, or Dozer Parts you need to contact us here OR simply visit our Parts Request Form and we will help you find it!

Case Skid Steer Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Case Skid Steer Parts?

At Broken Tractor, we offer a wide selection of hard-to-find Case Skid Steer Parts and outstanding customer service. Our selection is designed to keep your Case Skid Steer Loader in peak condition. You can easily shop our Case parts catalog online or fill out our parts request form to find the exact part you need!

Where Is The Serial Number On A Case Skid Steer?

The Serial number location has changed over the years:

  • Pre-2001-2008 the serial number was in the cab on the operators seat front either on the right or left hand side.
  • Post 2008 the VIN serial is attached on the left side behind the cab under the left support arm depending on model and year it may be on the right side.
  • Newer models from 2014 and up the VIN plate is attached on the rear of the machine under the lift arm on the left.

If you need assistance locating your serial number contact Broken Tractor, our team is more than happy to help!

Are All Skid Steer Attachments Interchangeable?

No, not all Skid Steer attachments are interchangeable. Just because an attachment fits or can be hooked up to your equipment, that does not mean it is compatible. Improper attachment use can lead to accidents, downtime, and unnecessary expenses. Let our knowledgeable team at Broken Tractor help you find the perfect fit for your Case Skid Steer attachment needs!

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