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Case Dozer Parts

New & Used Case Dozer Parts for Sale at Broken Tractor

New, Used & Rebuilt Case IH Dozer Parts at Broken Tractor

Since it was started in 1842 by Jerome Case, Case Construction revolutionized farming and construction


Unearth a Treasure Trove of Case Equipment Parts Online

Dive into our expansive selection of Case equipment parts, available in new, used, and rebuilt conditions. Our new Case dozer parts are crafted to perfection, meeting the zenith of quality standards right here in the United States. We are dedicated to reviving your Case dozers to their peak prowess without the hefty price tag of OEM parts.

Extensive Range for Your Selection

We boast a comprehensive inventory catering to a broad spectrum of Case dozer models including 310, 350, 450 series, 550 series, 650 series, 750 series, 850 series, 1150 series, and the robust 1450. Our shelves are brimming with an array of Case dozer blade parts including blade angle cylinders, blade lift cylinders, blade tilt cylinders, and much more, ensuring a perfect fit for every model from a 450 to an 1150 dozer.

Beyond the Blade

Our offerings transcend blade parts, featuring a rich selection of winch fairleads, log arches, and other winch parts tailored for the Carco 28 or a Gearmatic model 19. Discover a realm of rebuilt Case dozer engines, short blocks, and long blocks suited for an array of engines like Case 207, Case 188 diesel, Cummins 4B 4390, and Case 336BD.

Engine Parts 

Dabble in our extensive lineup of engine parts including engine rebuild overhaul kits, crankshafts, camshafts, water pumps, and more. Our Case dozer engines are meticulously rebuilt, rigorously tested, and come with a comforting 90-day warranty.

Track and Brake Essentials

Venture into our collection of USA-made Case dozer track adjusters, recoil springs, and other track parts, shipped globally. We also house an extensive range of brake master cylinders, slave cylinders, brake banks, alongside metallic and steel brake discs.

Final Drive

Explore our Case dozer final drives, available either rebuilt or as individual parts like bull gears, pinions, couplers, and more. Each part is engineered to seamlessly blend with your equipment, ensuring a smooth operation every time.

Help is Just a Call Away

For those elusive used Case dozer parts or if the serial number on your backhoe seems to play hide-and-seek, fret not. Reach out to us at (800) 909-7060 or effortlessly fill out a Parts Request Form. At Broken Tractor, your satisfaction is our blueprint, and your equipment's optimum performance is our promise.

If you are looking for Used Case dozer parts or can’t find the serial number on your backhoe to get the proper replacements, please call us at (800) 909-7060 or simply fill out a Parts Request Form.

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