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Ford New Holland Parts for Tractors, Backhoes & More

Old Ford Tractor Parts at Broken Tractor

Here at Broken Tractor, the premier tractor salvage company in the United States, we pride ourselves on quality the quality of our parts. Because Ford no longer makes tractors or tractor parts, you almost have to buy used tractor parts for any Ford model. We understand that you love your Ford tractor and would rather hunt down used Ford parts than be without it. That's why we're here! Using our nationwide salvage yard network, our expert technicians find old Ford tractors, break them down, and rebuild each part good as new. We have Ford tractor parts for nearly every model out there, including the ever-popular 8N Ford tractor. We also have parts for the 9N Ford tractor, the Ford 3000 tractor, and so many more! We have ford tractor parts for 1939-1964 models and 1965 to newer. From axles, steering parts, and engines to fuel systems, radiators, and water pumps, we have what you need to get back to work without a broken Ford tractor!

New Holland Industrial Parts for Sale at Broken Tractor 

Do you have a broken New Holland backhoe, skid steer, tractor, or any other industrial machine? Broken Tractor is here for you! When it comes to New Holland backhoe parts and other industrial parts, we've got what you need. Here at Broken Tractor, we have a multitude of new, used, and rebuilt New Holland parts including, engine parts, steering parts, fuel systems, electrical parts, hydraulic pumps, and much more! Trust our certified team of salvage technicians when it comes ensuring a used equipment part is made good as new! We also have New Holland implement parts for backhoes and loaders. Additionally, we have a large selection of New Holland skid steer parts. From manifold and cooling parts to axel and electrical parts, we've got what you need, and if we don't, we'll find it for you! All you have to do is submit a parts request form. If you're in need of New Holland industrial parts, you know what to do; check out our parts online or swing by our Baton Rouge location today!


Frequently Asked Questions about New Holland Ford Tractors 

Does Ford Still Make Tractors?

No, Ford does not currently make new model tractors, however, older model Ford tractors are still sold and used widely across the country. However, if you're looking for a new tractor, New Holland tractors are available! Shop Ford tractor parts at Broken Tractor, the premier aftermarket tractor parts dealer of the country, online or at your local shop in Baton Rouge!

What year is my Ford Tractor?

To discover the year your Ford model was made, first, you need to locate the date code on the right side of your tractor which is stamped on the flywheel housing behind the starter above the lug nut. The first digit of the code gives the last digit of the production year. For example, if your Ford Tractor was manufactured in 1972, your code’s first digit would be ‘2’.Next, is a letter that represents the month, the letter A represents January, and so on down the alphabet. Following the letter is another number that represents the day, which is simply the corresponding day from 1-31. Lastly is the shift the tractor was made on. The night shift will have the letter A, the day shift will have the letter B, and the afternoon shift will have the letter C. If you're looking for any parts for Ford, you'll need to find your part number, which is specific to each part of the tractor. If we don't have the tractor part you need, just fill out a parts request form, and we'll find it for you!

Is the 8N Ford Tractor Good?

Yes, the Ford 8N is an excellent farm tractor! This Ford tractor has been a fan-favorite tractor since 1948 and is still used today. The Ford 8N tractor is known for its durability and longevity, with simple and easy-to-use features. Broken Tractor near Hammond is proud to sell the new, rebuilt, and used Ford tractor parts you need to maintain your New Holland Ford tractors such as steering parts, fuel systems, hydraulic lifts, front axle parts, and more. We even have 8N Ford tractor parts, 9N Ford tractor parts, Ford 3000, and so much more! We'll help you get back to work without a Broken Tractor!

Is New Holland Owned by Ford?

Currently, Fiat owns Ford-New Holland. The history of the Ford tractor is complex, and the company has changed hands quite a few times. In 1895 New Holland was formed, then it was acquired by Sperry. Then Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company purchased it in 1986. Finally, Fiat acquired the company in 1991. Although they are an automobile company, they continue to manufacture farm equipment through New Holland. Although there are only old Ford tractors on the market and there are new New Holland tractors available, many people simply refer to these machines as Ford-New Holland tractors, which causes many people to ask, "are Ford and New Holland the same company?"



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