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Are Ford and New Holland the Same Company?

Are Ford and New Holland the Same Company?

Posted by Broken Tractor on Aug 16th 2021

When you're looking for parts or service for your Ford or New Holland tractor, it can get a little confusing to figure out what parts go with which tractors. You might hear one name or the other, or even both, when referring to the parts you need for your tractor.

Ultimately, the question becomes, "Are Ford and New Holland the same company?" They're often spoken of together when regarding tractors and tractor parts, but Ford by itself is a car manufacturer, while New Holland makes agricultural and construction equipment.

The short answer to the above question is, "Not anymore." The long answer will go into the history of both brands, and features corporate acquisitions, sell-offs, and more.

History of Ford's Tractor Division

Henry Ford has gone down in history as a manufacturing pioneer due to his innovation of the assembly line for his famous Model T. A less well-known fact is that, at the same time as the Model T was going into production, Ford developed a mass-produced gasoline-powered tractor. The Fordson Model F went into production in 1917 and went on for ten years, when it was replaced with the Model N in 1927.

Ford automobiles and Fordson tractors remained separate until 1964, when the brands consolidated into the global Ford tractor line. The same decade, Ford introduced the Ford 2000 tractor series, as well as the Ford 3000 tractor, 4000, Ford 5000, and top-of-the-line Ford 6000 tractor. These tractors continued to be built and improved until 1986, when Ford purchased New Holland.

History of the New Holland Machine Company

New Holland was founded in New Holland, Pennsylvania by Abe Zimmerman in 1895. In 1947, it was acquired by Sperry Rand Corporation, changed its name to Sperry New Holland, and introduced the haybine mower-conditioner, a major breakthrough. In 1975, the company introduced the world's first twin-rotor combine, which is still in use.

Ford Motor Company noticed Sperry New Holland's successes, and in 1986 bought the company. The partnership only lasted for a few years, however: Ford was looking to get out of the tractor business and sold a controlling interest in Ford New Holland to Fiat in 1991.

A Continuing Legacy of Durable Farm Machinery

Under the terms of the sale, Fiat had the right to use the name "Ford New Holland" on their tractors for ten years, so since 2001, no new tractors have been manufactured under the Ford name. Since both Ford and New Holland have been so committed to the longevity of their machines, however, it's not uncommon to still see Ford New Holland farm tractors on farms today!

If you have an old Ford tractor that needs parts, a New Holland compact tractor like a Ford New Holland LS25, or a New Holland baler, backhoe, or other machine, you need a New Holland dealer that understands the intertwined history of the two companies.

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