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Cooling Fan

Fits Models At A Glance Case Backhoes: 480E, 480E LL, 580E, 580 Super E, 580K, 580 Super K, 590 Turbo, 680L Case Dozers: 650, 650G, 750H, 750K Series I, 850D, 850E, 850G, 850H, 850K Series I, 855D, 855E, 1150E, 1150G, 1150H, 1155E Case Skid Steers:...

Case  Fan Belt Fits Dozers 450C, 455C, 550, 550E, 550G, 550H Skid Steers 60XT, 70XT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT Interchanges with J903098, J911563 8 Rib 60.5" Long

Case 1150B, 1150C Dozer Cooling Fan Puller Type 6 Blade 23 7/8 inches OD  2 1/2 inches ID 6 bolt holes

Case Cooling Fan (Pusher Type) Fits Case Dozers: 850B, 850C Fits Case Wheel Loaders: W14, W18, W18B, W20, W20B Fits Case Backhoe: 680E 6-Blade Fan 20" Diameter 1 3/8" Pilot Hole Replaces Part # L73972

Case Cooling Fan Fits Case Dozers: 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1155D Pusher type Measurements  23 7/8 in OD 2 1/2 in ID 6 bolt holes 1 3/4 in center to center mounting

Fits Models At A Glance: Case Dozers: 850, 850B, 850C Case Backhoes: 680E, 680G Case Wheel Loaders: W14, W18, W20, W20B Key Points: Blades: 6-blade Style: Push design. (Air is pushed forward through the radiator) Ensures prolonged engine...

Fits Models At A Glance: Fits Case Skid Steer Loader: 1845C Before Serial # JAF0041367. Fits Case Wheel Loader: W11B Before Serial # 9162740. Fits Case Dozer: 450C & 455C Before Engine Serial # 44144174. Key Features: Type: 6-Blade...

Case 7 Blade Pusher Engine Cooling Fan  17.625" OD, 60mm/2.36"  Center to Center Across, 1" Pilot  Fits Case Dozer (450C, 455C After Engine SN 44144175), 550, 550E, (550G Before SN JJG0255794 Fits Case Skid Steer 1840, (1845C After SN...

Image Fits Model Description Part # Price Product Details
 Case Dozer Cummins Engine Fan Belt See Details 480E, 480E LL, 580E, 580 Super E, 580K, 580 Super K, 590 Turbo, 680L, 650, 650G, 750H, (750K Series I), 850D, 850E, 850G, 850H, (850K Series I), 855D, 855E, 1150E, 1150G, 1150H, 1155E, 1840, 40XT, 60XT, 70XT, 75XT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT, 584E, 585E Engine Fan Belt (Cummins Engine) J911559
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Case Fan Belt -- J903098 | Broken Tractor See Details 450C, 455C, 550, 550E, 550G, 550H, 60XT, 70XT 85XT, 90XT, 95XT Fan Belt 0 J903098
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Case 1150B, 1150C Cooling Fan (Puller Type) -- R27703 | Broken Tractor See Details 1150B, 1150C Fan (Puller Type) 0 R27703
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Case Engine Pusher Type Cooling Fan -- A172981 | Broken Tractor See Details W14, W18, W18B, W20, W20B, 850B, 850C, 680E Fan (Pusher Type) 0 A172981
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New 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1155D Pusher Type Case Dozer Cooling Fan-- A173110 See Details 1150B, 1150C, 1150D, 1155D Fan (New Pusher Type) 0 A173110
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Case Pusher Cooling Fan replaces part numbers A172981, A15504, L73972 | Broken Tractor See Details 850, 850B, 850C, 855C, 680E, 680G, W14, W18, W20, W20B 6-Blade Cooling Fan (Push Style) L73972
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Case 6-Blade Push-Type Cooling Fan for Skid Steer and Wheel Loader See Details (1845C BSN JAF0041367), W11B, 450C, 455C 6-Blade Cooling Fan (Push Style) A171555
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Case Engine Fan -- 301849A1 See Details 1840, 1845C, 450C, 550, 550E, 550G, W11B 7-Blade Cooling Fan (Push Style) 301849A1
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Case Dozer Cooling Fan

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