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Where Is The Backhoe Serial Number? | Broken Tractor

Where Is The Backhoe Serial Number? | Broken Tractor

Posted by Broken Tractor on Apr 29th 2022

Most tractor backhoe manufacturers label their tractor equipment with a serial number to tell the owner, maintenance person, or user the model number in case they need repairs, replacement parts, or machine assistance. Pay attention to the fact that there are many components that make-up a backhoe and each part will have a respective serial number, as well. This makes it easy to identify which part or backhoe you have for future reference if something needs to be maintained or replaced! If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, contact Broken Tractor for new and used backhoe attachment replacements or requests at a competitive price!

The first step is to identify the brand of your backhoe attachment, whether it’s Case, John Deere, Ford, Caterpillar or any backhoe brand in between - each manufacturer will have its own design placement for your tractor’s backhoe. The second step is to make sure you do not get the smaller parts’ serial numbers confused with the serial number of your backhoe, most companies place the master serial number in a consistent and obvious place.

How to Find the Serial Number on Your Case Backhoe

On your Case backhoe, there are different types of serial numbers based on the years they were manufactured. If your backhoe is from 1988 and up then the serial number will be 10 digits, for 2004 and up the serial number will be 9 digits, and then the 2014 and up serial numbers will be 17 digits. 

On a 580B, C, or D model backhoe, the serial number can be found on the left side of the dash inside of the left door of the cab. 

On the older models, the serial number will be under the left door on the side of the frame rail or under the base of the left lift arm.

How to Find the Serial Number on Your John Deere Backhoe

The serial number on your John Deer backhoe will be located on a black metal tag that hangs above the front left axle. On this tag you will see a 13 digit serial number that can give you information about the year and parts needed for your backhoe attachment.

How to Find the Serial Number on Your Ford Backhoe

The Ford backhoe is one of the simplest to find. It is conveniently located on the right side of your tractor, just below the starter.

How to Find the Serial Number on Your Caterpillar Backhoe

If your Caterpillar backhoe was built before 2001, then it will have an 8 digit serial number; after 2001, the serial numbers are 17 digits. The serial numbers for the newer models are located on the outside right of the cab below the window, on models built before 1990, there will be serial numbers on the left side of the operator’s seat or on the curb side of the cab by the operator’s right foot. 

On the older 215, 225, and 235 models, the serial number is on the curb side of the boom arm above the ladder.

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