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Case 580B, Early 580C (Split-Piston Style)

Each number on the image is a "Ref #" that can be matched on the table below.

Fits Models at a Glance: Fits Case 580B Kit Includes: (2)  Stabilizer Cylinder Kit (Choose Bore Size) (2)  Boom Cylinder Kits (2)  Swing Cylinder Kits (1) Dipper Cylinder Kits (1) Backhoe Bucket Cylinder Kit (2) Loader...

Fits Models At A Glance Fits: Case 580C Early Style (Two-Piece, Split-Pistons) Specifications Brand: Bulldog Made in USA What's Included 2 x Loader Lift Cylinder: (Gland Stamp # G100414 or G100415) 2 x Loader Tilt Cylinder: (Gland Stamp...

Case Backhoe Boom Hydraulic Cylinder Kit  Fits Case 580B Fits Case 580C* (EARLY Split Piston Style Only) 2-Piece Split Piston Style For G33881 Cylinder Replaces G34653 Kit Bulldog Made in USA Not sure if you have a single piece or split...

Fits Models At A Glance: Case Backhoes: 580B, 580C* (*Early with split piston) Key Features: Comprehensive kit suitable to rebuild (1) dipper, swing, or stabilizer cylinder. 2" Rod Diameter 4" Bore Inside Diameter Compatible with G32079...

Case Backhoe Bucket / Stabilizer (Outrigger) Cylinder Kit with 3 1/2" Bore Dia Fits Case Backhoe Bucket Cylinder  for 580B  Fits Case Backhoe Stabilizer Cylinder for 580B 2 Piece Split Piston Style For G33196 Bucket Cylinder, ...

Case Loader Lift Cylinder Seal Kit Fits Case 580B # G33443 or G33444 will be Stamped on the End of the Cylinder Gland Replaces G34332 Kit 1.5" Rod Diameter 3" Bore Inside Diameter  

Case 580C Loader Lift Cylinder Seal Kit (Fits Early 580C models with split piston cylinders) Case 580B Hydra Leveling Cylinder Kit 2-Piece Split Piston  For G100414, G100415 Loader Lift Cylinder For G32135, G33558 Hydra Leveling...

Case Backhoe Loader Bucket Tilt Cylinder Seal kit (2-Piece Split Piston) Fits Models: 580B and 580C For G34420, G33421 Cylinders Replaces G32294 Kit BullDog Brand - Made in USA

Case & John Deere Hydraulic Gland Seal Installation Tool Kit Designed to simplify the seal kit installation process. Tool is used to bend the internal gland seals, allowing them to easily slide in place.  Works on all Case and John Deere...

Fits Models At A Glance Works on all Case backhoe, dozer, and loader hydraulic cylinders. Heavy-Duty Construction means years or durable use.  Key Points Tool for removing and replacing hydraulic cylinder glands when installing seal kits...

REF # Image Fits Model Description Part # Price Product Details
1 - 7  Case 580B Backhoe Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit - Full Package See Details 580B Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Rebuild Package CS-580B-SK
As low as $445.00
View Info
1 - 7 Case 580C Early Hydraulic Cylinder Full Backhoe Overhaul Package - Made in USA See Details 580C* (Early Split-Pistons) Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Rebuild Package CS-SK-1B
View Info
1 Case Backhoe Boom Cylinder Kit -- G105528 See Details 580B, 580C Backhoe Boom Cylinder Seal Kit G105528
View Info
2, 4, 5 Case Backhoe Dipper, Swing, Stabilizer Cylinder Kit -- 1543271C1 | Broken Tractor See Details 580B, 580C Dipper, Swing, Stabilizer Cylinder (4" Bore) 1543271C1
View Info
3 & 4 Case Backhoe Stabilizer / Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit -- G105527 | Broken Tractor See Details 580B Backhoe Bucket Cylinder / Stabilizer Cylinder (3.5" Bore) G105527
View Info
6 & 9 Case 580B Loader Lift Cylinder Seal Kit (2 Piece Piston Style) -- 1543378C1 See Details 580B Loader Lift Cylinder /Extendahoe Cylinder Kit 1543378C1
View Info
6 & 11 Case 580C Loader Lift Cylinder Seal Kit -- 1543263C1 | Broken Tractor See Details 580B, 580C (580B) Loader Leveler Cylinder, (580C) Loader Lift Cylinder 1543263C1
View Info
7 Case Backhoe Outrigger Stabilizer Cylinder Seal Kit -- 84259227 | Broken Tractor See Details 580B, 580C Loader Bucket Tilt Cylinder Kit G109484
View Info
Case Gland Seal Installation Tool Kit Part # CAS-1457 See Details Hydraulic Cylinders Gland Seal Installation Tool Kit CAS-1457
View Info
Hydraulic Spanner Wrench for Case Backhoes and Loaders. See Details Case - Backhoes, Dozers, Loaders Hydraulic Cylinder Spanner Wrench CAS-1456A
View Info

Case 580B, 580C Backhoe Cylinder Seal KitsCase 580B, Early 580C Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

Fits Models with Split (Two-Piece) Pistons.

Not Sure? The Gland will have a number stamped on its face.

  • G3=Split-Piston
  • G1=One-Piece Piston. 


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