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Who is Broken Tractor?

Who is Broken Tractor?

Posted by Broken Tractor on Jan 22nd 2019

Broken Tractor is a online store that is on a mission to get you all of the machinery parts you could ever need. The supply available is comprised of new, used, aftermarket and rebuilt parts, so whatever level you are looking at Broken Tractor will be able to supply. There is a tremendous selection of brands, including Kubota, King Kutter, John Deere, Ford, Case and more. When your dozer, backhoe, tractor, or excavator is having issues, Broken Tractor is the answer to get the right part in your hand and have you back in the field.

What is available at Broken Tractor?

The simple answer to what is available to purchase through Broken Tractor is... everything. The selection that is available in the warehouses that are dispersed across the country are vast, but if by chance you have a piece that is not ready and waiting, Broken Tractor is ready to go out and find the exact piece you are looking for. With this type of service, it is easy to see why Broken Tractor is the go to machinery parts replacement company. You will never need to go anywhere else. There is a speciality parts locator network which Broken Tractor is affiliated with, which means there is more or less a never ending supply of salvage yards in North America letting Broken Tractor know what they have available. The also means that the supply chain is close to home. When you need something, the chance that it is built in the United States is high, as this is what Broken Tractor is going after every chance they get. Also, with the supply chain being based around salvage yards and rebuilders in North America, you will not be impacted with huge shipping costs and times. This saves you vast amounts of money, which is often as much as half off the original price that comes from the first seller. In addition to the making the system faster and easier for you, it is great to know that you are working with a company who knows the impact of where you spend your dollars. Support staying close to home is a largely important thing in a time where tariffs and politics are thrown into almost everything you get your hands on. Knowing that you are supporting local business is something that you can definitely give yourself a pat on the back for.

The used parts that are available at Broken Tractor are not listed on the website, but that does not mean that they are not available. Giving a call to Broken Tractor is often a great way to make sure your purchase is exactly how you want it to be. Especially when you want a rebuilt part, including engines and transmissions, talking to someone can get the process started. Backhoes, dozers and loaders have all seen successful rebuilds, as well as tractors. These rebuilds can, again, come from a large variety of makes and models. The team will be excited to get the project started. With used pieces, you will know that the price point will be solid, but the quality is also given loads of attention, so you will have a system that works precisely as it should.

What is it like working with Broken Tractor?

The service you will receive from the team at Broken Tractor is going to astound you. To start, most of the time when you order a piece, it is going to be shipped the same day. Being shipped from the States is also going to keep that arrival time quite close, even next day. This is incredible, and also shows the commitment to keeping customers happy and having the rebuilding process go as smoothly as possible. In addition, if you managed to order the wrong part, there are returns and exchanges available. To start that process, contact Broken Tractor. Making sure that you get the highest quality of service and the highest quality of parts is what Broken Tractor stands on, so you know everything will exceed expectations. 

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