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Where are John Deere Tractors Made?

Where are John Deere Tractors Made?

Posted by Broken Tractor on Feb 28th 2022

John Deere has been recognized as one of the premier tractor and heavy machinery manufacturers in the world since its founding in 1918. As befits a company with global reach and international notoriety, John Deere manufactures its tractors in four factories in the USA, as well as 10 internationally.

Of course, every factory doesn’t produce every type of tractor in John Deere’s expansive line-up; instead, the company splits its manufacturing capabilities among its factories. So if you need articulated 4WD tractor parts, row-crop tractor parts, compact utility tractor parts, or sub-compact tractor parts, those might be made in a totally different factory than where John Deere manufactures their lawn care tractor parts or other parts for tractors.

John Deere Manufacturing Locations

Here’s a table detailing each of John Deere’s factories and what kinds of tractors and tractor parts are made at each:

LocationType(s) of tractor manufactured
Augusta, GA, USACompact utility and utility tractors
Waterloo, IA, USAAgricultural tractors
Greeneville, TN, USALawn and garden tractors
Horicon, WI, USALawn and garden tractors
Rosario, ArgentinaAgricultural tractors
Montenegro, BrazilAgricultural tractors
Harbin, ChinaAgricultural tractors
Ningbo, ChinaAgricultural tractors
Tianjin, ChinaAgricultural tractors
Mannheim, GermanyAgricultural tractors
Dewas, IndiaAgricultural tractors
Pune, IndiaAgricultural tractors
Saltillo, MexicoAgricultural tractors
Moscow/Domodedovo, RussiaAgricultural tractors

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