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Misconceptions About Buying Used Parts

Misconceptions About Buying Used Parts

Posted by Broken Tractor on Oct 3rd 2022

Broken Tractor has everything you need to get back up and running when finding replacement parts for your tractor, backhoe, dozer, or other equipment. In addition to the new parts for sale on our website, we scour the continent for high-quality, low-use parts for various brands like John Deere and Case and subject them all to a rigorous inspection.

Our process ensures that our customers only receive used machinery parts that will perform like new and will last them well into the future. However, people still hold many misconceptions about buying used, rebuilt, or refurbished parts, making them out to be unreliable or inferior. Here at Broken Tractor, we want to clear up some misinformation and show you why buying your pre-owned parts from us can maximize the bang for your buck without sacrificing quality!

Common Misconceptions About Used Equipment Parts

Misconception: Used Parts are Worn Down and Won’t Last

Truth: While any part subjected to heavy use will eventually experience wear and tear, a used part that is properly maintained can last for many working hours. Our rigorous inspection process includes keeping notes of origin and only using components from dependable salvage yards and rebuilders.

Misconception: If Used Parts Still Work, Why Would the Past Owner Get Rid of Them?

Truth: There are many reasons an operating machinery part can find its way to the salvage yard or a rebuilder’s workbench. Companies may go out of business or update their equipment to newer models before their current parts experience natural wear and tear.

Misconception: The Previous Owner Didn’t Maintain Their Equipment Properly

Truth: While we can’t guarantee that every owner will keep up with regular maintenance, you can rest assured that we work closely with our extensive network of salvage yards and only deal with parts that have been well cared for. Through our inspection and rebuilding processes, we go that extra mile to ensure every part that comes our way meets strict guidelines to guarantee top quality!

Misconception: It’s Hard to Find Good Used Parts

Truth: You would be amazed at what people are willing to get rid of! Though it may take a lot of work to find them, plenty of gently used and like-new parts can be salvaged out there. Because we work with a vast network of salvage yards and rebuilders, when you choose Broken Tractor, you gain access to some of the best-used parts out there! And if you’re having trouble finding a particular replacement part for your machinery, you can ask us to help you find it using our parts request form.

Misconception: There are No Guarantees for Refurbished Parts

Truth: Many people believe that when you buy used equipment or parts, there are no guarantees, refunds, or exchanges. Non-refunds or non-exchanges might be true for less reputable sellers, but not at Broken Tractor! Perhaps you read the model number wrong and accidentally ordered the wrong replacement part. Not a problem! We accept returns and give exchanges, and we’re more than willing to assist you in exchanging your part for the appropriate one!

Misconception: When You Buy Used Parts, You’re on Your Own

Truth: The popular belief is that finding the right aftermarket part for your specific machine involves hours of intense searching and research. While it is always good to be as informed as possible, you can save time and energy when you work with a trustworthy parts seller like us. Our team is always happy to help you with which specific part you need, where to find information like serial numbers, or any other questions about your equipment or the parts we sell.

Buy Your Used Machinery Parts Online

As you can see, there is no shortage of myths and misconceptions about the dangers of buying used, rebuilt, and aftermarket replacement parts. Most of them have at least a kernel of truth, but by being smart about who you purchase your parts from, your experience will help set the record straight!

Broken Tractor carries a vast array of used parts for all the top manufacturers, from John Deere to Case IH to Ford/New Holland! Browse the parts available, place an online parts request, or give us a call and speak with us directly; the choice is up to you!

Our goal is to help you find the new or used parts for your equipment to get it up and running quickly. So contact us, because we’re ready to help you get back to work!

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