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How to Buy Construction & Farming Machine Parts Online

How to Buy Construction & Farming Machine Parts Online

Posted by Broken Tractor on Mar 9th 2021

Buying Heavy Machinery Parts Online

In the market for parts for your heavy machinery? Whether you are looking for new or used parts, Broken Tractor is your one-stop-shop when needing replacement parts fast for your construction or farming equipment. When shopping for machine parts online, it is important to take into consideration the differences and potential risks you may face when purchasing new or used parts. Below is a helpful guide to follow when purchasing heavy equipment parts online.

Know What To Look For When Buying New Parts

While it may seem like an obvious distinction, when choosing used parts over new construction equipment parts, there are factors to consider that may affect your purchasing decision. When buying new parts, you will be faced with either choosing the manufacturer’s direct part (OEM parts) or you may find aftermarket parts. OEM parts are expected to fit and work perfectly with your equipment, since they are the exact same part that is already on your equipment. Think genuine Bobcat parts or original Kubota tractor parts. So, when wanting to ensure that you are getting a 100% functional part that can seamlessly be installed, choose the OEM option.

If there is no option for purchasing new OEM parts, new aftermarket parts can be a great option. Aftermarket parts tend to be made by brands that did not contribute components to your original machine, therefore installing these types of parts could pose potential problems down the line, like a void to your machine’s original warranty. But, they are also less expensive and can offer a quick fix in a pinch. So, when available, buying new original manufacturer parts for your construction equipment is always the way to go. You ensure that your equipment’s warranty remains active, you get a direct replacement of the part at fault, and you have piece-of-mind that your machine will function properly.

Know What To Look For When Buying Used Parts

When considering buying used machine parts from other retailers, know that there is a risk in the part being potentially dangerous if faulty, having unknown quality, and voiding the original machine’s warranty. At Broken Tractor, we ensure that our used parts are pulled from machines with less than 1,000 hours of use and are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. We put our used parts through a rigorous inspection to ensure that they will not fail when installed on your machine. These remanufactured parts have a new quality to them and can be trusted through their controlled quality process.

Regular Maintenance is a Must!

Choosing the right parts from a trusted source ensures the longevity and warranty coverage of your machinery fleet. When you buy from Broken Tractor, know that you are in good hands! A quick check on your machine gives you the chance to replace parts before they fail, therefore preventing significant delays to your work. Consider having a surplus of parts that need routine replacements, doing so ensures there is no waiting time and your machine can be back to work on the same day. If you need parts in an emergency, avoid falling in the trap of choosing convenience over quality. Quality always wins out in the long run. On your machine and on you pocket. Get your parts from a TRUSTED source.

Buy Your New and Used Machinery Parts from Broken Tractor

Whether you need tractor parts, or excavator parts, Broken Tractor deals with an extensive range of heavy machinery equipment and will find the part you need! We have everything from Case construction replacement parts to genuine John Deere parts, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can find it! Just fill out our  parts request form and we will promptly respond back with pricing and availability. We are a family owned business and are committed to providing the best quality parts for your construction machinery. Our knowledgeable sales team is ready to assist you in getting your equipment back in shape with the best parts available!

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