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How often should I service my tractor?

How often should I service my tractor?

Posted by Broken Tractor on Apr 20th 2020

Your tractor is an important part of the job you do. That means it’s especially important that you keep it in good condition. A broken tractor or a broken tractor part can be frustrating, but more than that, it could mean you’re losing money! You have to keep up with the maintenance of your tractor for the sake of your livelihood, and for those you spend your time working for.

The best tractor maintenance plan begins with your own senses. When you see that your tractor isn’t moving quite right, or you hear a noise that doesn’t sound good, it’s time to take preventative or restorative measures. The first course of action should always be to consult your manual. The manual for your tractor should give you helpful tips and schedules for when to service your tractor.

When all else fails, there are a few standards you can use to determine when to service your tractor. First of all, if you can’t find the information in your tractor’s manual, or you’ve misplaced the manual, the bare minimum rule is to change your oil at least every six months or 600 hours. Oil changes help to decontaminate the motor and should be done even if you haven’t used the tractor heavily within the six months. To be even more cautious, you can check your oil after every 100 hours of use.

Check tire pressure weekly, and all fluids (radiator, etc) about every 50 hours. It’s imperative to ensure that your brakes are protected from moisture and your filters are changed at least every 100 hours.

With proper care, your tractor can last for a long time. Still, sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you find yourself needing spare parts for your Kubota, FarmtracFord tractors and more. Broken Tractor can help! We’ll provide you with all of the tractor parts you need at prices you can be happy with. Don’t know exactly what part you need? Call us today! Our experts will make sure you end up with the correct part for your tractor. We look forward to working with you. 

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