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Ford Tractors: Revolutionizing the Industry for Over a Century

Ford Tractors: Revolutionizing the Industry for Over a Century

Posted by Broken Tractor on Apr 23rd 2021

The History of Ford Tractors from 1916 to Now

Everyone knows who Henry Ford is and how he impacted the auto industry, but you may not know that he also had a massive impact on the agriculture industry as well. Ford’s first car, the Model T, came out in the year 1908, but his first tractor, which he originally called the “automobile plow,” was created a year prior. Before he basically created the auto industry, Ford saw the potential of marrying machinery with farm work. It was released for export in 1916, which was right in the middle of a huge historical event.

The Beginnings of the Ford Tractor

World War I began in July of 1914, just two years before the Ford farm tractor was released for export. In 1917, the year after the tractor was released, the British government actually reached out to Mr. Ford and requested his assistance. They needed a massive amount of tractors to be built to help raise urgently needed food to offset the effects of an enemy blockade, which further familiarized and popularized the tractor with the public.

After this, in the 1920’s, 75% of all tractors built in the United States were Fordson tractors. It was so popular, in 1939, Ford released the Ford Model 9N, starting the “N series,” and Mr. Ford developed a working relationship with the late Harry Ferguson, whose company made plow and tractor parts. Starting in 1939, the Ferguson-Sherman company marketed the Model 9N and Ford tractor parts until after World War II in 1946.

Ford Farming Equipment Keeps Growing

The year 1953 marked the 50th anniversary, which Ford commemorated with the “Golden Jubilee” celebration. In January of that year, Ford introduced the model NAA Ford tractor, and it was marketed as the Golden Jubilee model to recognize the company’s 50th anniversary.

In the same year, Ford announced that commencing August 1, they would assume distribution of the Ford Tractor and other lines of farming equipment for a fast growing and competitive market. Just 2 years later, Ford Motor Company announced a new line of tractors that included 5 new models in 2 power classes, the Ford 600 series and the Ford 800 series. Soon after, in 1957, all Ford tractors were made available with factory installed LP gas engines in addition to the gasoline models.

In March of 1961, Ford introduced the Ford 6000 tractor, which was the largest and most powerful tractor they had ever produced. A six-cylinder, high performance diesel engine that powered the model. This line was continued, receiving expansions until it ranged from models 2000 to 9000, until the year 1975. Then, 10 years later, Ford bought the tractor company, New Holland, creating the Ford-New Holland Line. Then in 1990, Ford’s farm equipment group was sold to Fiat, who began phasing out the Ford name.

Ford Tractors in Modern Day

Although Ford sold its farm equipment company and stopped making tractors, used Ford tractors are still available for purchase. You can also find Ford tractor dealers, which are now called New Holland tractor dealers, to purchase tractors from the company that purchased the Ford farming company. You can also still purchase tractor parts for old Ford tractor models.

Here at Broken Tractor, we have Ford and New Holland tractor parts available for a wide variety of Ford tractor models, new and old. We even have Ford 3000 tractor parts and Ford 8N tractor parts, which are two of the most popular models still used today. We have many other brands as well, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just submit a parts request! Shop now to upgrade your tractor with rebuilt or new Ford tractor parts!

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