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Find all of your replacement Case backhoe parts at Broken Tractor

Find all of your replacement Case backhoe parts at Broken Tractor

Posted by Broken Tractor on Apr 29th 2019

Your Case backhoe probably gets a lot of use. When it starts needing replacements and repairs, Broken Tractor has every piece you need to get it back to where it needs to be. Especially when you know that you need your backhoe back on the grind sooner rather than later, you will have your necessary parts quickly and in good order when ordering here. We have numerous Case backhoe part options at Broken Tractor, all with detailed model numbers, to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. If you are having trouble knowing what it is you need or if you have questions about any of the pieces that you see, you can just give Broken Tractor a call and your questions will be answered.

What parts are available for a Case backhoe?

The pieces and parts available for your Case backhoe are vast. The hard part of the entire process was finding Broken Tractor. Now that you know what is here, it is a seamless process to get your hands on what you need. Your boom might have found some faults, but there are many different model numbers to make sure you get the perfect replacement. If your dipper stick is what is giving you trouble, there are standard, inner, and outer dipper stick options. When you are having trouble with your pins, bushings and links, you will first select which type of Case Loader Backhoe you have, then go from there picking the precise pieces that you need. That could be frame and stabilizer parts, boom and swing tower parts, or dipper and bucket parts. 

Once you are in the portion that you need, you will find stabilizer legs, bushings for specific legs, pins and cylinders, frames to swing towers, swing cylinder mounts, swivel bushings, stabilizer cylinder tube ends, and even the washers that keep all of those things working how they need to, Sometimes it is the bucket or bucket pins, teeth and bushings that have seen their final day. You can find a wide assortment of buckets of different sizes and with different teeth, all the way from 12 inches to 48 inches. In addition, there is a bucket conversion kit available. You can also weld on the tooth shank if that is a need. There are numerous swing tower replacements available as well, in addition to mechanical thumbs. As far as locks go, there is a transport lock for the backhoe and boom. Many different control changeover kits can be found. There are hand swing control changeover kits, the controls themselves, a changeover to a foot swing, and one to a 4-lever with a foot swing. With the control values, you will see not only different backhoe control valves as complete units, some even offering foot swing options, but the seal kit as well.

Choosing Broken Tractor for Your Tractor and Backhoe Parts 

The team at Broken Tractor is passionate about providing the best service to you when getting your hands on your Case backhoe parts. They will be happy to answer absolutely any question you have, whether it is figuring out what the right piece is to order, what shipping logistics will look like, or what to do if you have accidentally ordered the wrong piece and need to return or replace it. All of these interactions will be pleasant and helpful, as customer service is the highest priority for the Broken Tractor team. After going through the site, you have not been able to find what you are looking for, you can give the team a call and someone will make sure that they find what you need, regardless of whether or not it is already on the website. This means that you can rest assured that Broken Tractor has you covered for all of your needs. Another perk is how fast the shipping is, with most orders going out day of or next day. With warehouses all over the United States, your order is sure to get to you in good time. 

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