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 Broken Tractor has all of the Case Backhoe parts you need

Broken Tractor has all of the Case Backhoe parts you need

Posted by Broken Tractor on May 28th 2019

When it comes to finding the replacement parts for your Case backhoe, by the time you know you need them you will you want the process to be completed as quickly as possible. Thankfully, once you have found Broken Tractor, the rest of the process will be easy. You can check out on the page online to see all of the different parts, then placing your ordering and receiving your shipment will happen in no time. Working with Broken Tractor is the best deal you will find for Case machinery and after you make one order, you will not need any other store going forward.

Will Broken Tractor have the Case backhoe parts that You’re Looking for?

Once you take a look at what is listed on the site, you will see how many Case parts Broken Tractor has available. For the backhoe itself, there are a few different pieces that could be having trouble. The dipper stick has standard, inner, and outer options so you can replace whichever you need. If you boom is acting up, you will need to find the right model number for your backhoe and then select which replacement piece you need. Once you have the model number, it will also be easy for you to find replacement bushings, links, and pins, which can be used in many different parts of a Case backhoe. Stabilizers and frames, swing and boom tower, dipper or buckets - all of these systems could need little fixes that will have you backhoe back in running order. 

There are bushings for each of the specific legs, or the stabilizer legs themselves. There are also stabilizer cylinder tube ends or you can even get something as simple as the washer that holds all of those bigger parts together. You can find swing cylinder mounts and swivel bushings as well. If the bucket is where the replacement is needed, there are pins, teeth and bushings, no to mention buckets themselves. The buckets have different styles of teeth and different sizes, so it will be perfect for the work you need to get done. The sizes go from 12 to 48 inches. If none of these are what you are looking for, the bucket conversion kit will get you where you need to be. If a tooth shank is needed, there are welded options for your new or existing bucket. Swing tower replacements are available, as are the mechanical thumbs. For locks, you will be able to find transport locks that will work on the boom and the backhoe. The control changeover kits are available and there are many different ones, you so will find exactly what you need. This could be a changeover to a foot swing, a 4-lever with a foot swing, or many others. There is a seal kit in addition to all of these different controls.

What is it like working with Broken Tractor?

Broken Tractor is excited to say that your satisfaction is their number one priority. Any member of the team will be ready to answer any question that you have. If you cannot find the piece you are looking for while browsing the website, giving the team a call will get you on your way. Broken Tractor will find the piece you need and make it available to you, even if it was not already in stock. You may have questions before that, which could be not knowing exactly what piece you need to fix your Case backhoe. If this is the case, it is a good idea to give the team a call. The experience that the group has is vast, so you will know that you have the right piece by the time you finish your conversation. Once you know what you need, the warehouses that are spaced throughout the United States and shipments that go out either day of or next day mean that you will have your parts in no time. 

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