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Kubota Tractor Seat -- 34200-18403

B1550, B1700, B1750, B20, B2100, B2150, B2400, B2410, B2710, B2910, B6100, B7500, L175, L185 L200, L225, L2050, L210, L225, L2250, L235, L2350, L245, L2550, L260, L2650, L275, L285, L2850, L2900, L2950, L295 L3000DT
Kubota Tractor Seat -- 34200-18403
Fits Models:
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Part # 34200-18403


Kubota Tractor Seat

Fits Models:

  • B1550B1700B1750B20B2100B2150B2400B2410B2710B2910B4200,
  •  B5100B6100B7100B7300B7500B8200B9200
  • L175, L185, L200, L225, L2050, L210, L225, L2250, L235, L2350, L245, L2550, L260, L2650, L275, L285, L2850, L2900, L2950, L295, L3000DT, L3000F, L305, L3250, L3300, L3350, L345, L3410, L3450, L35, L355, L3600, L3650, L3710, L3750, L4150, L4200, L4350, L4610, L4850, L5450
  • M4000, M4050, M4500, M5500, M7500, MX5000
  • 4650 Backhoe, K008 Backhoe
  • Interchanges with Kubota Part #'s - 34200-18403 and 34200-18400
  • Orange Metal / Black Cushion
  • 6" distance between brackets
  • 3 holes /10mm
  • 11" Tall
  • 18.5" Wide
  • 18" Front to Rear
  • Does not fit models with enclosed cab
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    Seat Mounting

    Posted by Eric Pritchard on Jun 15th 2020

    The mounting of this seat is different that the Kubota B6100 seat. That seat uses four mounts with three holes each. They are in two pairs. Each pair takes a pin through selected holes and a rubber mushing. Since this seat has only one angle for each bushing, I am making a rod to go through the two angles and both bushings. It isn't difficult if you have the material and a machine shop, but the mounting is no merely a drop in.

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