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Case Backhoe Hydraulic Pump

ImageFits ModelDescriptionPart NumberPriceAdd To Cart
530CK, 580CKHydraulic Pump (NEW)D41390$425.00

580B, 580C
480B, 480C
Hydraulic Pump (NEW) D48950$395.00

480D, 480E
584C, 584D, 584E, 585C
585D, 585E, 586C, 586D, 586E
Hydraulic Pump (NEW) D73079$520.00

580D, 580E, 580 Super EHydraulic Pump (NEW) D126580$755.00

580K Phase I (Below Ser# JJG0020000)
Hydraulic Pump (NEW)
(Bolt-On Line Flanges)

580K Phase I (Below Ser# JJG0020000)Hydraulic Pump (NEW)
(Threaded Line Flanges)

580 Super K
580K Phase III (After Ser # JJG0020000)
Hydraulic Pump (NEW) D146608$855.00

580LHydraulic Pump (NEW)
(15-Spline Shaft)

580L, 580MHydraulic Pump (NEW)
(17-Spline Shaft)

580 Super LHydraulic Pump (NEW)
(15-Spline Shaft)

580 Super L, 580 Super M
Hydraulic Pump (NEW)
(17-Spline Shaft)

590 TurboHydraulic Pump (NEW)
(Requires Hose Part # 107486A1
Which Must be Ordered From Case)

590 Super LHydraulic Pump (NEW)
(15-Spline Shaft)

590 Super L
590 Super M
Hydraulic Pump (NEW)
(17-Spline Shaft)

680CHydraulic Pump (NEW) L26379$925.00

680E, 680GHydraulic Pump (NEW) L55247$1,050.00

680K, 780C, 780DHydraulic Pump (NEW)D127917$660.00

480, 530, 580, 580B
584, 585, 586
Hydraulic Pump CouplerD31108$35.00

580C, 580D, 580E
480C, 480D, 480LL
584D, 585D, 586D
Hydraulic Pump Coupler D90883$45.00

580L, 580 Super L
580M, 580 Super M
590 Super L, 590 Super M
Hydraulic Pump Coupler
(17 Spline)

580K, 580 Super K
580L, 580 Super L, 570LXT
590 Turbo, 590 Super L
Hydraulic Pump Coupler
(15 Splines)

580 Super E,
580K, 580 Super K
580L, 580 Super L
590 Turbo, 590 Super L
Hydraulic Pump Drive CouplerJ905820 $75.00

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