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Case Backhoe Transmission Gears and Shafts

ImageFits ModelDescriptionPart NumberPriceAdd To Cart
430, 480, 480B
530, 580, 580B
(All w/ Shuttle trans)
Main ShaftG13462, A37604$215.00

430, 530,
480B, 580B
Manual Shuttle Output Gear 27 TeethA144361, G16624$275.00

580BInput ShaftA37617$555.00


580C, 580D, 580ETrans. Main Shaft Synchronizer AssemblyA138655$245.00

580C, 580D, 580E2-Speed Shuttle Synchronizer AssemblyA151114$250.00

580K After Ser# JJG0020000
580 Super K
590 Turbo
Synchronizer - CountershaftA188592$345.00

480C, 480D, 580D
580C (after ser#1004398)
Main ShaftA148508, A138301$325.00

480C, 480D,
580C, 580D
Input Shaft 28 Teeth / 21 Splines 10-3/8" LongA51939$375.00

480C, 480D,
580C, 580D
1st and 2nd Main Shaft Sliding Gear
(16 & 25 Teeth, 24 Internal Splines)
A168172, A51957$195.00

480C, 480D,
580C, 580D
4th Sliding Gear 27 & 44 teethA148194$345.00

480C, 480D
580C, 580D
3rd Sliding Gear on Main Shaft 27 & 35 TeethA179853, A136597$195.00

480C, 480D,
580C, 580D
2nd Countershaft Gear 38 Teeth 10 SplinesA51961$255.00

480C, 480D,
580C, 580D
Third Gear 28 Teeth, 10 SplinesA51960$185.00

480E, 580E,
580K (Before Ser# JJG0020000)
Trans. Main Shaft Synchronizer AssemblyA182240$250.00

480D, 480E, 580E,
580K Phase I
1st GearA153751$375.00

580E, 580K Phase IIdler Gear- 4WD Transfer Case
(17 Teeth)

580K Phase 34th GearA186718$250.00

480D, 480E, 480F
580D, 580 Super D, 580 Super E
580K (Before Ser# JJG0020000)
Main ShaftA168330$195.00

580 Super K
590 Turbo
Third Gear
36 Teeth
A190338 $260.00

680CK-C (After Serial # 910600)
680E, 680G
Main Drive GearL33356$235.00

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